Final Photos from Claudia Dorsch Interior Design

Posted on: | Cat: Custom Paint Work

We had the pleasure of working with Claudia Dorsch Interior Design earlier this year, and have just received the stunning photos of the pieces we transformed, now in-situ at a house in Hampstead, London!

We sourced a large French Armoire for one of the bedrooms and painted in Mylands Eaton Square with a vintage aged look.

The Chaise was sourced by Claudia, but we painted in Sanderson Grey Birch, finished with a dragged brush effect and sent to our upholsterer for completion.

The Dressing Table & Stool were also finished in Sanderson Grey Birch with the dragged brush effect. And the final armoire finished in the same.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Claudia and her team to transform and source these pieces, which look simply stunning in this stylish Hampstead home.

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